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Welcome Video – Founder’s Message

Posted on 23. Feb, 2013.

Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody

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Beachbody Challenge – Get Fit & Win Prizes

Posted on 23. Feb, 2013.

Win Over $100,000! Take The Beachbody Challenge™ for the motivation you want and need to get fit and then you can win big! It’s our health and fitness contest that will help you achieve your fitness goals and give you a chance to WIN some serious cash. If you want to get fit, now is […]

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P90X comeback kids challenge

P90X Starts tomorrow with Jon Congdon President of Beachbody and 2,200+ P90X’ers

Posted on 11. Nov, 2012.

This Challenge group could not have come around at a better time for me.  My Exercise and Healthy Eating has been only going half good for me lately.  Meaning not so good with my exercise and above average with my healthy eating.  I recently finished my 3rd Ultimate Reset but have not been able to […]

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P90X Certification is here!

Posted on 15. Oct, 2012.

Here at Exercise and Healthy Eating we want to spread the knowledge of Health across the country not just here on the Outer Banks. With the help of Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors and gym owners around the country we hope to rid obesity across the country.  Call for details limited locations offered. 252-722-2175 With P90X […]

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Healthy Recipes

Ultimate Reset Day # 1 in the books!

Posted on 19. Apr, 2012.

Here at Exercise and Healthy Eating yesterday I started on a new journey.  I am doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.  It is a 21 day total body  “Reset”  to restore your energy, boost your mood and maximize your health without starvation and harsh substances.  For a complete picture go to Ultimate Reset to read more […]

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P90X Round 2 starting on my 45th Birthday!

Posted on 16. Mar, 2012.

Here at Exercise and Eating Heathy I started my second round of P90X yesterday on my 45th Birthday!  I gave myself the gift of health today and I am sure it was the right choice besides it’s a Monday.  Not sure why I waited almost 3 weeks to restart my workouts.  I gained 5 pounds […]

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Shakeology Review

Posted on 29. Oct, 2011.

A guest post from 12 Star Diamond and founding coach, Traci Morrow When Shakeology was added to our exclusive Beachbody Coach store, it made a lot of sense to me: the idea of a meal replaced with a shake that in effect, filled in the large gaps of my present diet’s nutrition. An unhealthy accumulation […]

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