P90X a Certification for Trainers

Posted on 02. Feb, 2013 in P90X Certification


P90X Certification

P90X Certification

P90X a certification for Personal Trainers is here now and can increase your training profits.  P90X Certification allows Personal Trainers to teach their clients the ins and outs of the home exercise program created by Tony Horton either in the Gym,  your clients home or even on the beach.  Some of your clients have used P90X when they cant make it to the Gym so why not teach them proper technique so they can get the most out of their original investment and the bonus is as their personal trainer you get paid to help them.  You can do one-on-one training or maximize your profits by offering group sessions.  Go one step further and become a Team Beachbody Coach so your clients can buy the P90X pre and post workout drinks and Shakeology and add even more earning potential.

How does it Work and What to do to be a successful P90X certified Coach

1.  Become a Team Beachbody Coach and purchase a copy of P90X.  If you purchase a challenge pack you get the coaching fee of $39.95 waived!  Click here for your P90X challenge pack  The Challenge pack includes a copy of P90X, Shakeology, free shipping, your own Beachbody business and much more.  Also as a Team Beachbody Coach you will receive a 10% discount on your P90X Certification.

2.  Look for a P90X Certification Class near you and purchase your Certification here!

3.  Watch your business grow!

4.  Look at the profits that can come from being a Certified P90X Trainer

What do you have to loose?  P90X Certification will improve your business and give you more time to enjoy your life by leveraging your time by building a network of other P90X trainers that are on your Team Beachbody team.  Yes, that’s right you can earn money from the efforts of other trainers as you work as a team not as a single trainer.  Find out about earning potential.  Partner with a proven successful company and you cant loose.  Call me at 252-722-2175 so I can help you build the business of your dreams by becoming P90X  a Certified Trainer.

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