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Posted on 12. Mar, 2013 in Insanity Certification

Insanity_certification_picDrip sweat. Fill classes. Change lives. Get Certified to teach INSANITY®.

When you get Certified to teach INSANITY®, you’ll gain the credentials—and the respect—that puts you in the most elite group of fitness pros in town. With the Insanity Program You’ll be a superstar who helps fill classes, deliver incredible results, and get calls from gyms.  Insanity Certification is a one day class so Personal Trainers can start teaching the next week!  Insanity Fitness training can be a great addition to your personal trainer business.

Up for the challenge? In just one day, you’ll learn everything you need to teach the most intense cardio class ever put together. INSANITY Master Trainers, who have been hand-selected by Beachbody® to guide you through the Certification process, will:

    • Walk you through the complete, pre-designed workout from start to finish—including moves and music—for a 30-minute or 50-minute class.
    • Instruct proper form and best practices for counting and cueing INSANITY moves.
    • Present options for modifications—how to regress and progress—so you can adapt the moves for students at all levels.
    • Show you how to create an intense, but fun, atmosphere that makes people want to Dig Deeper®, push harder, and come back for more!


Everything You Need

The INSANITY Certification course offers complete turnkey convenience. From the Certification Course Manual to the expert hands-on instruction, the moves, the music, an “instructor’s” DVD, cueing sheet, and CD of the heart-pumping music that will get your class going—you’ll get everything you need to succeed.

Official Recognition

Successfully complete the Certification training and you’ll receive your INSANITY Certified Diploma, official eBadge, and authorization to use the INSANITY logo. That means you’ll be ready to start teaching immediately, with INSANITY credentials that will have gyms chasing YOU.

Instant Opportunities

INSANITY Certification can help give you an edge over every other instructor in town. Gyms will need you. People who want the kind of results INSANITY can deliver will want you. With the Insanity Program You’ll be a superstar who helps fill classes, deliver incredible results, and get calls from gyms so you can grow your personal trainer businessAnd you’ll be able to make money doing what you love—teaching the most intense fitness workout around. Sound exciting? Then get started!  Become a Team Beachbody Coach today and call Sharon Schisler today for classes near you at 252-722-2175 or email

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