Is P90X A Great Workout to do along with Tai Cheng?

Posted on 10. May, 2013 in Exercise

Is P90X A Great Workout to do along with Tai Cheng from Team Beachbody?

Well I sure hope so because that is going to be my next workout endeavor.  Summer is soon approaching and I have been slacking on my workouts.  P90X a has some great strength training exercises for women and has always helped my posture so by adding Tai Cheng I am hoping that I will see some great results.  What do I expect?  Well I really think it will help my golf game.  I do not have the best golf swing.  Lol!  Just imaging a Jim Furyk swing and someone chopping wood.  It is not pretty but it is fairly productive.  I shot an 85 the other day!  That was one of my best rounds because I usually shoot around 100 give or take 5 strokes.  Tai Cheng should have some great posture exercises that will ultimately help me with my golf game.

Well day one is done.  I just did the first day of Tai Cheng.  I really need this workout, even the first day was challenging but doable.  Looking forward to a great 90 days of Tai Cheng and P90X a great home workout for all ages!  Guess it will be a Chest and Back day tomorrow and Tai Cheng day 2…..

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  1. Wenonah

    15. May, 2013

    I’m excited that Tai Cheng is reduced in price now too! i’m hoping to do this after Combat but am looking to purchase for my mom! let me know how the hybrid goes! i’m sure you’ll be in tip top shape on the golf course!

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